I was sitting at my computer quiet and alone
Not bothering anyone, just minding my own

Then a fly started buzzing around my head
I tried to shoo it away, Leave me alone I said

It continued to pester me, even flew into my ear
For that I said, you will have to pay dear

That fly had to die so I devised a plan
I got the fly swatter, but it just wouldn’t land

It continued to buzz and fly just out of reach
By now I had to kill that son of a beach

I wanted so bad to get it out of my place
If it landed on my nose I’d slam an iron in my face

I got the can that was full of bug spray
I said now fly you will be having a really bad day

When it buzzed again, I sprayed its ass
It flew into the wall and hit the floor with a crash

I thumped my chest and yelled I am the man
Then another fly buzzed by and we started again