My Life

When I first came into this world

I was just a little girl.

Mommy would dress me up so nice

and my head was full of curls.

To me it seemed to take so long

before it was time for school.

My mommy said the time went fast

and that school would be so cool.

I studied hard and got good grades.

Now it’s time to graduate.

It’s time now for me to marry

the nice young man that I date.

We got jobs after we married.

It was time to have a child.

It’s time for us to settle down.

No more parties being wild.

I found out mommy died today.

She was happy till the last.

As I look back on my whole life

it seems to have been so fast.

Now I’m old, not feeling well.

Maybe soon I’ll be gone too.

I have been happy with my life

and will be sad when it is through.

Today’s the day I passed away.

I hope that my life had worth.

I guess I’ll do it all again

when it’s time for my new rebirth.